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germicide, organic substances, synthetic rubber, blue color, insecticide

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Tellurium (Latin tellus, ”earth”), symbol Te, silver-white, brittle, semimetallic element. The atomic number of tellurium is 52. Tellurium was first discovered in 1782 by the German scientist Franz Joseph Muller von Reichenstein; it was recognized as an element and given its name in 1798 by the German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth.


Tellurium is used in the manufacture of rectifiers and thermoelectric devices and in semiconductor research. With other organic substances, it is employed as a vulcanizing agent in the processing of natural and synthetic rubber; and in antiknock compounds for gasoline. It is used also to impart a blue color to glass. Colloidal tellurium is an insecticide, germicide, and fungicide.

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germicide, organic substances, synthetic rubber, blue color, insecticide, brittle, earth, glass, Uses

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